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Random Ramblings

You are now on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know...

This is Sparta!
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Alias: Stacey Dracadancer

Location: Stuck (involuntarily) somewhere in the 1980s of the US Midwest

Edification: Big load of BS in Ag Sci from TSU

Skills and Abilities: Works with large to small sized, dangerous, stupid beasts

Description: Of the humanoid species known to be mostly nocturnal. May be seen briefly during the day but must be approached with caution. Generally comes in a short stature with blue eyes, red hair and size 9 shoes. During the day it is often covered in layers of blue fabric, while upon the night the creature can be seen enclosed in flannel. Can be recognized by its particular call of “Hey ho” and “Ugh.”

Record of Sightings: Was first seen in the wilderness of northern Missouri in 1980 but within a few years was sighted in the more urban (ha!) mid-Missouri. It was seen frequently in locations about mid-Missouri for the next 16 years until it, once again, was found to be living in the rolling “hill” of Kirksville, MO attending college. For the next 4.5 years was seen fleetingly between mid and northern Missouri until a sudden northern migration in early 2003 forced it into Chicago territory. For a brief 3 months it was rarely seen by any living human being until it started popping up again in mid and northern Missouri.

Current Whereabouts: Current location of the creature is unknown, but is believed to still be in the Mid-Missouri area as people randomly dissapear from the area frequently.

Habits: The creature can often be drawn out of isolation by talk of various books, movies and shows including, but not limited to, the list of interests below. A particular habit of the creature seems to be reading of fan fiction, which may keep it immobile for hours on end, either that or pictures of Elijah Wood can be used as bait in trapping the creature. Bare in mind that any mention of the word 'chemistry' will scare the creature away permanently.