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This is Sparta!
16 January 2009 @ 04:55 pm
Keanu Reeves to play Spike Siegel in the live action Cowboy Bebop movie. You do NOT screw up the most popular anime ever made by casting Keanu Reeves in your movie, you just don't. Quite possibly the worst casting choice since Jake Gyllenhaal scored the Prince of Persia role. Hollywood, why do you suck so bad?
This is Sparta!
Slightly impromptu, we did it at a day's notice, New Year’s Waffles and Wii party at my place last night wasn't too bad. I tried to light a fire and almost burned the condo down, again, but I eventually contained the fire to the fireplace then proceed to move burning logs around with my bare hands. I should really get a fire poker I suppose. The fire looked nice and festive anyway. Picked up Boom Blox and Mario Kart for the Wii for Christmas and those both got some screen time last night. Stephen Spielberg is a genius because he invented Jenga for the Wii in the form of Boom Blox. We also watched Resident Evil: Degeneration which was far more amusing than it was suppose to be after we started adding in inter-monologs for Leon. The rest of the movie was sadly forgettable but not the worst zombie movie I’ve ever seen by a long shot.

I feel like I've been lagging behind on everything, especially LJ posts, since Halloween, but here's some very quickly derived New Year’s resolutions for 2009.

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This is Sparta!
16 November 2008 @ 12:51 pm
Movie Meme stolen from missakittiCollapse )

EDIT: Apparently thequestionclub has decided I look like Rupet Grint in a wig.
I don't know what they're talking about. =PCollapse )
This is Sparta!
Welcome to the Obama-Nation!Collapse ) (of course my brother doesn't spell it like I do)

I knew it was going to be a good day yesterday when gas dropped below 2 bucks a gallon. ^_^ I'm about 12 hours late to the party I realize, but it's not really my fault. I was going to stay up until Missouri was called one way or another last night, but I gave it up around 1 a.m. and woke up to find it's still so close (49% both ways) final results still haven't come in yet! McCain is winning Missouri by about 7,000 votes at the moment I think. What the crap Missouri?! You're making me look all southern if McCain wins here and I demand you stop that at once! I would demand a recount, but since Obama doesn't need our electoral votes to win no one is going to do it. I can't believe we got shown up by Iowa. Ouch. Well the end result is the one we wanted anyway so I can't really complain. Now if we could only get a women in the White House in 8 years I think I could die with a little more hope for the future. =P
This is Sparta!
01 November 2008 @ 11:22 am
It's been a crazy last couple of days and I'm dang glad I took off on Friday because I never would have been ready for Halloween if I hadn't.

The Obama rally on Thursday was pretty cool. I waited in line for about 3 hours, I didn't know where the line actually started but I would guess it was about 2 miles long, I kid you not, and wrapped all the way around campus practically. I did get in though and managed to hear him speak. I'm not sure my point of view was the best, it took me 15 mins just to figure out which direction the stage was in (lol), but I did get pictures!

You can totally tell that's him =PCollapse )

Halloween yesterday was pretty awesome too, regardless of the fact I only got one trick or treater, but my condo is off the street so I'm not too surprised by that. Ellen, Clay, Jenn, Sara, and even Ellen's friend/my backdoor condo mate Diane stopped in for a visit, she probably thinks she's living next to a crazy person now after meeting all of us.

Pumpkin carving went rather well this year, despite the fact that I changed my mind about what I wanted to carve at least five times. I have one rule with pumpkin carving; I have to try to one up myself from last year.

Pumpkin Smack Down 08!Collapse )

The Halloween party was like most parties at my place, bad movies and lots of food.Collapse )

Overall it’s been a great Halloween season this year despite being super busy trying to keep up with the up coming election and being way behind on my horror movie reviews (I’ll get around to them eventually). Here’s hoping we’ll have something else to celebrate come Tuesday! Until then, Happy Halloween and later all!
This is Sparta!
29 October 2008 @ 01:10 pm
I had my whole week of baking, horror movie watching, cleaning and pumpkin carving all worked out, and then what happens? BARACK OBAMA decides to drop in for a visit! Now my schedule for the week is all messed up because my Thursday night is totally going to be taken up by being an Obama groupie. Maybe I'll just take Friday off so I can get drunk (drunk meaning 2 glasses of wine and I'm sloshed since I hardly ever drink) uptown after the speech. Of course I was going to do that next Tuesday night too... Halloween and presidential elections are way too much work. =P
This is Sparta!
So I finally broke down and decided to get a pet because I figured I needed something to worry about besides myself and all the empty room in my condo going to waste was driving me nuts. I looked around and decided a cat would probably suit me best so I found a guy giving away a couple of cats on Freecyle last week. Because of poor health he couldn't look after them anymore but he said they were brothers that had always been together and really wanted them to go to the same home if they could. I figured two cats aren't much more trouble than one so why not. Now I've got two males living in my house mooching off me but for some reason I don't mind all that much.

But what people really want to see are pictures I'm sure. So here they are,

Dante (formerly Trouble)Collapse )
Virgil (formerly Sneezy)Collapse )

They're both actually really good cats and we're getting along well, though I'm still at the stage where I'm always wondering what they're doing when I'm not there. If they're out of the room too long I always have to get up and go see what they're up to. It's a good thing I'm probably not going to have kids, I'd probably never let them out of the house! lol Their former owner said they were in a indi movie called Saving Grace B. Jones when they were kittens. I don't know if it was a small role or a big one since the movie isn't out yet but as soon as it is I'll let everybody know and we'll have a movie night to watch my cats big screen début. And before anyone asks if I named them after the classical Italian poets or the characters from Devil May Cry 3 the answer is I named them after both, because I'm a big dork like that. =P

In other news Halloween 08 Update!

The theme for this year is vampires, not because I'm really into vampires or anything but just because I read that horrible, terrible, very bad, Twilight book and thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever and needed to remind myself there are some actual good vampire books/movies out there. Seriously though that book was like, clumsy girl meets perfect boy vampire, girl and vampire get addicted to each other, boy vampire sparkles in the sunlight (um...what?!), girl and vampire repeat, "I love you," and "Stay with me forever" about 50 million times. Gag me with a spoon, please!

So far this year we've got Bloodhound: The Vampire Gigolo - a live action Japanese show about a real vampire who works in a vampire themed host club (only in Japan =P) and, with the help of a girl who works there part time, solves supernatural murder mysteries. The funny thing is the vampire is about the most useless vampire ever who likes to give dramatic speeches and looks like he's having a seizure whenever he transforms into a vampire, which is what makes the show worth watching. I know it's a corny show and kind of stupid, but there's just something about it that I like.

Feast - This movie was bad on so many levels it's not even worth going though why it was so bad. They tried to do it as a parody but they just filled it with so many horror movie clichés to the point it was outright stupid. It was like a more serious version of the Scary Movie franchise. Luckily I had the cats there to distract me while I was watching it so it wasn't as painful as it could have been. I was watching the credits roll trying to figure out who to blame for this steaming pile of crap, and then I saw "Executive Producer: Ben Affleck". That explained a lot. 1 star just for the fact that when they introduced the characters with a profile they gave Life Expectancy as a category, it was about the only funny thing in the movie.

The Wolves of Wallstreet - I swear the director really wanted to make a gay porn film here but got confused about the subject matter because there were lots of hot guys running around in their underwear for no apparent reason on nights when there was suppose to be a full moon. This movie was supposed to be about stockbrokers who were werewolves; yeah it didn't make any sense to me either. They never actually turned into wolves though and as far as I can tell never really did anything wolf like. Apparently being a werewolf just means you have a really bad libido on the full moon and have to have sex with multiple women. 2 stars because the guys were hot and they made at least a lame attempt at a plot, in other words it could have been worse.

And as an added bonus review, I know it's not a horror movie but, Death Note 3: L Change the WorLd is an awesome movie! I was always more fond of live action L than I was of anime/manga L, but this movie, despite being rather silly on so many levels, is all for the L fans. =) It's about what L decides to do during his last 20 or so days before he's suppose to die because he wrote his name in the Death Notebook at the end of the last movie in order to catch Light. During the course of an investigation about a new killer Ebola/Influenza virus, L picks up some kids related to the investigation and most of the movie is spent running around with them in a pink Angel Crepe van. L's interaction with the kids is what really makes the movie work since he doesn't know what the hell to do with them. The movie doesn't really have the Death Note feel to it, but it's fun and surprisingly well done. 5 stars from me, and a wish that they would at least make another prequel L movie because the actor that plays him is fantastic.
This is Sparta!
So here's the debate run down thus far:

Obama vs. McCain round one!

Mc: I'm so old I can tell you stories from storming the beach at Normandy

O: Look it's George Bush in disguise!

Mc: (don't look at the black man, don't look at the black man...)

O: Explain again how this credit crisis isn't your party's fault please.

It looked something like this.Collapse )

Next we had Palin vs. Biden, complete with exploding volcano/dinosaur ice cream cake! (pictures of that forthcoming)

B: Amtrack baby!

P: I'm just your average hockey mom givin' a shout out to my 3rd grade homies in Alaska, don't ya know.

B: My new BFF Obama is so much better than my old BFF McCain.

P: I don't know what the question is but I'm sure it relates to energy somehow.

Queen Latifah can make anything awesome.

Obama vs. McCain round two Tuesday night. I haven't got plans to party that night but if anybody wants to join me in watching the debate you know where I live.
This is Sparta!
02 October 2008 @ 01:04 pm
HAPPY B-DAY 2 U JENN!Collapse )

I've just been waiting for an excuse to use this picture. (snicker)